diseño de jardines

diseño de jardín, Lugo


Landscape redesign of a private garden in Galicia

diseño de jardines, Proyectos

enero 26, 2016

Gartenumgestaltung General design

General redesign of the plot


Redesign of a particular garden in Galicia

The owners of this garden want restructure their plot for better use of the outside of their home.

The actual situation was complicated, in sense that the plot has a very taff slope and is oriented to the north. In particular the backyard of the house has also north orientation.

That means that when you are sitting outside the winds are cold and strong from this side.

Dos ociones para la entrada

Two options for the entrance

Also there was the wish to include a new garage which also has a GYM inside on the backside of the house.

In the lower side of the plot there were still some fruit trees but in a very bad shape and to slow distance between each other.

Behind the house we could find a big marvellous chestnut tree which of course is a key element of the backyard even in the future.
Owners also were interested in changing the entrance because the actual design is not very useful because of the pedestrian connection to the important spots on the plot is bad or useless for the day a day.
So we made a redesign for the whole plot and two options for the entrance.

Enjoy the images.

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